Samsung has added battery protection feature to One UI 3.1.1

Samsung has added battery protection feature to One UI 3.1.1

Samsung has begun sending out an update to its proprietary One UI shell based on Android with the number 3.1.1, which includes a very useful feature. The profile resource SamMobile told about this.

According to the source, One UI 3.1.1 has a feature called Protect Battery. It is designed to protect devices from increased battery wear and it works quite simply – Protect Battery limits the charge of the “battery” to 85 percent, and then stops the flow of current.

By the way, something similar has been present in Apple’s iOS for several years now – a feature called “Optimized Charging” and limits the battery charge when it reaches 80%. In “apple” devices, this feature works quite difficult: it does not just stop charging everywhere and everywhere, but is guided by the geolocation in which charging takes place. To do this, use the “Important Geo Locations” function – the smartphone remembers where its owner lives and limits charging only at home and only at night. It is not known if Samsung uses similar technologies, or simply does not allow the battery to fully charge under all conditions.

The source reports that Protect Battery is currently available only on the latest flexible Samsung smartphones – Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. The chip did not appear even on the flagship Galaxy S21. Previously, Protect Battery has already been used in the brand’s tablets.

The introduction of functions that limit the charging process is driven by research in the field of lithium-ion batteries. According to scientists, such “batteries” are harmful to a charge of up to 100%, and because of it, the capacity can quickly decrease. According to various sources, the optimal charge level for li-ion is from 30-40% to 80-85%.

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