Samsung has ended support for these iconic smartphones

Samsung has ended support for these iconic smartphones

Flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + appeared in 2017 and proved to be significant for the company, because they began the transition to a modern design with minimal frames. Almost four years after the announcement, Samsung closed support these models – they will no longer receive updates.

Samsung has ended support for these iconic smartphones

Both smartphones were running Android 7 at the time of release, but the last major update for them came in 2019 – Android 9. Since then, they only received a monthly or quarterly security update, which fixed serious system vulnerabilities.

Latest update for models Galaxy S8 the April security patch has become – there will be no more updates. This does not mean that a smartphone cannot be used, but every month the number of dangerous vulnerabilities used by cybercriminals will grow.

Samsung is already facing criticism due to the short duration of support – all new flagships and mid-range smartphones are now guaranteed to receive updates from not two generations of Android, but three. That is, if the current flagship Galaxy S21 running on Android 11, it will definitely update to Android 12, 13 and 14.

For comparison, in the same 2017 appeared iPhone 8 and X – they are still receiving iOS updates and will receive them for at least another two years.


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