Samsung smartphones have been banned in Russia. Even the latest flagships

Samsung smartphones have been banned in Russia. Even the latest flagships

The Moscow Arbitration Court banned Samsung and its Russian subsidiary Samsung Electronics Rus Company from selling more than 60 smartphone models in Russia, including the latest Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Fold3. The ban was established by a court decision on the claim of the Swiss company Sqwin SA, which demanded to prohibit the use of the Samsung Pay payment service in Russia, since it violates its patent “System of Electronic Payments”.

The patent states that “Electronic Payment System” refers to a means for making an online payment using a buyer’s mobile device and a seller’s cash register system. The author of this invention is Viktor Gulchenko, who lives in Switzerland, and the patent holder is Sqwin SA. The registration date of the patent is April 23, 2019, and the start date of its validity is December 2, 2013. The court agreed with the plaintiff’s arguments that Samsung Pay illegally uses technology protected by a patent owned by Sqwin SA.

Samsung Pay has been operating in Russia since 2016, it is the third most popular contactless payment system, it is used by about 17% of smartphone owners. Google Pay comes first (32%) and Apple Pay comes second (30%).

Back in July of this year, the court banned Samsung from importing and selling devices with Samsung Pay support to Russia, but did not indicate specific models in its decision. The plaintiff filed a petition in which he asked the court to consider all claims and to specify the decision. The list of “prohibited” devices included 61 models.

The decision has not yet entered into force, and since the case was considered by the court of first instance, Samsung has the opportunity to appeal it.

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