Name Sharedr
Package com.rejh.sharedr
Publisher REJH Gadellaa
Category Mod Apk / Tools
Version Latest
Size 2.7M
Requires Android 5.0 and up
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Sharedr improves sharing on Android by extending its native functionality and adding some cherries on top.

Share dialog replacement

• It’s simple and fast.
• No Direct Share, so none of the delay and layout shifts it causes.
• Long press on items to pin/unpin them to the top of the list, hide or rename them.
• Choose between light, dark and black theme.
• Option to toggle between list and grid layout.

Frequently asked questions

Note: You can also find the FAQ on

How do I start using Sharedr?

Once Sharedr is installed and you share something, you should see a dialog that asks you if you want to use Android System or Sharedr. Choose the latter. The next time you share something you’ll be able to set Sharedr as the default.

Sharedr doesn’t work!

Some apps use their own share dialog implementation instead of relying on the system. Examples include (a lot of) Google apps like Maps, News, Photos and YouTube. The only thing you can do about that is sending feedback to the developer and ask them to use the system share dialog. This will allow Sharedr to take over.
Then there are some OEM’s that don’t want other apps taking over the sharing experience. From feedback I have received, I’ve learned that at least some OnePlus and Samsung devices block 3rd-party share dialog replacement apps.

I can’t share files!

Due to a restriction in Android, the system may prevent Sharedr from accessing files you’re trying to share. Depending on the content and from which app you share, Sharedr may not be able to do it.
Lots of apps – including Android’s own system Files app – do not follow the guidelines for sharing files ( closely enough. If you run into this situation, please reach out to me ( and let me know which app you’re trying to share a file from. I’ll gladly contact the developer and ask them to resolve the issue.
In the meantime, I have opened a ticket on the Android Open Source Project issue tracker (, and asked Google for a long-term solution.

Can I un-set Sharedr as the default?

Yes you can! The easiest way is to share something, then tap the ‘overflow menu’ icon (three vertical dots) in the top right corner of the share dialog, then choose ‘Clear defaults’.

I can’t re-set Sharedr as the default!

If you’ve set the system share dialog as default while Sharedr is installed, there’s no easy way to reset it. One option I’ve found that works is to install another share app like Fliktu ( This should cause Android to re-prompt you to choose a share app the next time you share something.

Mod Info:

Removed Internet Permission

Optimized APK

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Sharedr_2.6.6_mod.apk – 2.3 MB | Mirror

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