Similar to Clubshouse, Android users will soon be able to try Twitter Spaces

Similar To Clubshouse Android Cellphone Users Will Soon Be Able.jpg

Twitter is preparing a feature similar to the Clubhouse application. The Beta version for Android is coming soon, user Twitter can chat and share stories via audio of Spaces.


Similar To Clubshouse Android Cellphone Users Will Soon Be Able.jpg

Partly user Android might feel like it’s a kid because it can’t use Clubhouse, an app that’s been going viral lately. The good news, Twitter has just announced Spaces, its newest feature which is similar to Clubhouse.

Similar to Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces connects several users in a room on the internet via audio. Thus, user Twitter can get together and chat by voice or audio.

The good news, user Twitter on Android will soon be able to try out the Beta version of Spaces. Although the exact date hasn’t been announced yet, this is good news for those of you who want to try out what the fun of using Clubhouse is.

Twitter Spaces Appearance

Quoting from TheVerge, Twitter Spaces allows users to talk and hear the chat that is currently rolling. According to a Twitter spokesperson in email to The Verge, both Android and iOS users can try Spaces “right away”.

Unfortunately there is still no definite date user Android can try out Twitter Spaces coming soon.

Twitter itself first introduced Spaces in December 2020. This feature can be tested for user iOS aka iPhone and iPad.

Meanwhile, Android users still can’t use this feature.

Twitter itself is getting more attractive with the new features it offers. Starting from the Fleets who brought features stories to Twitter to audio tweets which allows sending DM in kind audio.

This also can be an option at the same time user Android, which is currently still unable to try out the Clubhouse application. At least with similar features, user Twitter can enjoy an experience like using a Clubhouse.

So for those of you who want to try out this feature, please be a little patient. Via the official Twitter Spaces account (@TwitterSpaces) announced that tune in timline us to get update latest on Twitter Spaces.


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