Six new features in FaceTime

Six new features in FaceTime

Apple’s device-specific video calling app, FaceTime, underwent a number of updates recently.

Apple announced six features and updates to FaceTime during the WWDC developer event some time ago, quoted from the Cnet page.

Six new features in FaceTime

1. Invitation link

Video calls from FaceTime can now be made via an invite link, no longer having to come from the FaceTime app as it used to be.

Users can send this invitation to the person they want to call or mark the calendar before the call starts.

2. Android and Windows Support

FaceTime is actually exclusively for iPhone and iMac users, however, after the update, video call links can be accessed from both Android and Windows.

Invited friends who don’t use Apple devices can join through their browser. Apple says these calls are also protected by encryption.

3. Audio improvement

Apple added audio isolation to FaceTime to reduce background noise. In addition, FaceTime now has improved spatial audio, using 3D audio processing to capture sound around the speakers, so that the sound that comes out seems to be in the same room as the other person.

4. Portrait mode

Apple offers fashion portrait or take a picture, using the camera on your iPhone, iPad or iMac. Users can make the background blur with this feature.

5. SharePlay

This feature allows users to watch together with friends who are contacted via FaceTime. This feature supports iTunes, Apple Music, HBO, TikTok, Disney+ and Paramount Plus.

6. Grid view

When making a video call in a group or with more than two people, FaceTime will show grid or a grid for everyone to see on the screen. FaceTime will alert the person who is talking.


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