Smart Notepad Notes – Quick Note, Shopping List Mod Apk v7.6 (Pro)

Smart Notepad Notes Quick Note Shopping List

Often we wonder where to write down a thought, an idea, note, a necessary thing if there is no notebook or paper with a pen at hand.📝 Indeed, often we cannot keep thoughts in our heads for a long time, since any little thing can distract and the thought is immediately forgotten.🤯 Therefore, for your convenience, we have created an online notepad in which there are many possibilities, here is a list of them:

✅ Folders
✅ Favorites notes
✅ Backup copy
✅ The app themes
✅ Settings
✅ Export notes
✅ Sort notes by different order

Quick recordings
Add quick note so you don’t forget about upcoming events and appointments, necessary purchases and other events. To add a quick note, you just need to select the notepad color widget on the screen and write note. There is nothing complicated here. Moreover, for our notepad you do not need the Internet.📡

Note Reminder
In order not to miss an important event or not to forget about it at all, we have built in a notebook a very simple, but useful function – time and date.⏳ You can choose any time and set a reminder in a notepad on a purchase, meeting, checklist, urgent matter, gifts list, event or something else and thanks to a timely reminder you will not forget about your entry in a notebook. This is a very cool and convenient feature for busy or constantly hurrying people, because often they can forget about everything😅

Share notes
Why do you need to write the same thing several times if you can just send a note? We stand for accessibility and time saving. Therefore, we decided to add a simple useful feature, based on sync, with which you can share your notes with friends, acquaintances or colleagues. 📤In addition, there is one bonus in color widget notepad🎁 – you can send a note, password or checklist through any application convenient for you, while the notepad is sync with some other apps. Isn’t that convenient?🤗

Images yuh
To many people it is easier to remember a picture than a simple note or a list, because visual memory is better developed in them. In the notepad application, you can add pictures as well as text note and thus dilute and visualize your notes.🖼 This will help to better open the thought, also in this way you can schematically develop a plan for a future presentation. Also you can send the project password with a picture so that only some people have access.🔑 The advantages of this function can be listed for a long time, so we advise you to just try it for yourself and evaluate for yourself.

Backup copy
If you are worried about not losing a note or accidentally deleting an important checklist and are looking for a backup, then you can not worry.🎭 The application automatically makes a backup copy of each list so that you do not lose it.🗃

Settings list
Do not forget to go to the settings section and make the notepad application as convenient as possible for you.🛠⚙️ We took into account many factors, so in the settings you can do a lot, for example, change the size of the text to convenient for you. It is also possible to choose any theme you like for your notes, or you can see the history of notes. You can also visit our website through the link and read more about the notepad application.📲

So we told you about the benefits of such an application as notepad.🗓 After all, having such an application, you can spend significantly less time on a daily routine. With the notepad, you will no longer forget to buy some important products and ingredients from the checklist, do not miss an important meeting, do not forget to use the desired words in the report from the list and much more.📌

⬇️Download the notepad application⬇️, enjoy the simple interface and do not forget about important events.🎈💥

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