SmartBattery 2 tweak allows you to manage your device’s battery

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All iPhone owners keep track of the charging consumption of their smartphone. New models have to withstand a full day of work, but in reality this is not at all the case. Many tasks are energy intensive. For example, online games, using a device with a very bad signal, hotspot operation, etc.

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To deal with the problem, some always carry a portable battery with them to recharge their smartphone during the day. But why do you need this if you can just optimize the charging consumption of your iPhone?

SmartBattery 2 – a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize the charging consumption on your iPhone or iPad. With it, you can improve the performance of your device, make it last longer, or simply keep abreast of how your device is using energy.

SmartBattery 2 tweak is based on the original tweak released in 2019, but now it contains more useful features.

In the screenshots above, you can see that the tweak displays a menu for choosing improved performance or longer runtime. You can also view information about the charging of your device, including charging speed and approximate time to reach full battery level.

After installing the SmartBattery 2 tweak, a new section with all its options will appear in Settings:

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The settings panel is very large and contains several additional categories. Below we will tell you more about all of them.

Global Settings

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  • Automatically turn on power saving mode when the battery level you select is reached.
  • Select the battery level to activate the power saving mode.
  • Use an audible or regular notification when the battery level of your choice is reached.
  • Choose the charge level at which the notification will be triggered.
  • Use a notification when the battery reaches full charge.
  • Use an audible notification when the battery is fully charged.
  • Disable notification of reaching 20% ​​charge.
  • Disable auto-lock in power saving mode.
  • Automatically turn on power saving mode when connected to power for fast charging.
  • Press the battery icon in the status bar to view the charging percentage.
  • Tap the battery icon in the status bar to turn on power saving mode.

Custom Interval

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  • Automatically turn on power saving mode when the selected charge level is reached.
  • Turn off power saving mode automatically when the selected charge level is reached.

Battery Health

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  • Swipe right on the status bar to view the battery status and status.
  • Automatically display battery status information after disconnecting the device from charging.
  • Display the estimated time to reach full charge when connected to a power source.
  • Display battery temperature monitor when connected to charging.
  • Set your preferred battery temperature (in degrees Celsius).
  • Turn on the power saving mode when a certain temperature is reached.
  • Activate Airplane Mode when the battery reaches a certain temperature.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and mobile internet when the battery reaches a certain temperature.

Customize Battery

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  • Turn mods on and off.
  • Remove the percentage of charge from the status bar.
  • Remove the charging icon from the status bar, leave only the percentage of the charge.
  • Change the size of the display of the percentage of charge.
  • Change the display height of the charge percentage.
  • Disable the colored filling of the charging icon.
  • Change the color of the charging icon.
  • Customize the color of the charging icon outline.


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  • Turn on smart charging (activates power saving mode while charging).
  • Use notifications when a certain battery level is reached.
  • Use sound notification.
  • Disconnect all communications and enable power saving mode while charging.
  • Play sound when iPhone is disconnected from power source.
  • Enter text for this sound notification.
  • Play audio when you connect your iPhone to a power source.
  • Enter text for the sound notification.

Boost Battery

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  • Swipe left on the status bar to enable options for longer work:
    • Disable Wi-Fi and mobile Internet for a specified period.
  • Use the sliders to select the term.
  • Force iOS to use power saving kernels.
  • Disable cellular data when connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when connected to cellular data.
  • Automatically turn on power saving mode when you lock your iPhone, and turn it off when you unlock it.

Notification Sounds

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  • Choose sound for SmartBattery notifications.
    • Any custom sounds are available that you can save to a folder:/Library/Application Support/SmartBattery/Alarm Sounds

Custom LPM

3AA50C4B-709D-4B2B-9C80-3A01D347D5C4-646 x 1536

  • Select the battery level to activate the power saving mode.
  • Choose what happens when you activate a custom power saving mode:
    • Activating Airplane Mode
    • Disable Wi-Fi
    • Disable Location Services
    • Disable Bluetooth
    • Disable Cellular Data
    • Decrease screen brightness
    • Decrease device volume

The SmartBattery 2 tweak has a lot of features, and each additional section contains even more. The best thing is that you can customize the operation of the power saving mode yourself. It’s also nice to be able to customize the charging icon in the status bar and view various useful information through it.

If you are interested in the SmartBattery 2 tweak, you can download it from the Packix repository in any tweak manager. To set up a tweak, you need an active internet connection. SmartBattery 2 works on devices with iOS 12, 13 and 14 jailbreak.

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