Sony launches it’s first Drone Airpeak S1

Sony launches it's first Drone Airpeak S1

In November 2020, Sony announced that it would enter the drone business by carrying the “Airpeak” brand. After much anticipation, the Japanese electronics manufacturer finally launched its first Airpeak drone, named Airpeak S1.

The Airpeak S1 drone comes with a number of superior specifications aimed at professional filmmaking, and is claimed to be able to beat drones from leading manufacturers, DJI in terms of agility and strength against wind blows in the air.

Sony launches it's first Drone Airpeak S1

One of the superior features of the Airpeak S1 is its speed. Airpeak S1 is said to be able to accelerate from 0 to 75 km / h in just 3.5 seconds. That’s 1.5 seconds faster than DJI’s fast drone, Insipire 2.

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The Airpeak S1 which weighs 2.53 kg is also promised to be able to fly agile up to a top speed of 90 km/hour.

In addition, the first drone model from Airpeak is claimed to still fly stable in wind speeds of 70 km / hour. This makes the Airpeak S1 drone twice as powerful as the DJI Insipre 2 drone.

Airpeak S1 is also equipped with five stereo cameras, two infrared sensors, and is powered by a Vision Sensing processor. The combination of a stereo camera and a processor is promised to provide a real 3D spatial picture.

In addition, the five stereo cameras on the Airpeak S1 also allow the drone to avoid obstacles, recognize other flying objects, and navigate independently between buildings, without human operator intervention.

As compiled from Sony’s official website , the Airpeak S1 is claimed by Sony as the smallest drone in its class, but is still capable of carrying a payload of up to 2.5 kg. This means that this drone is compatible with Sony’s Alpha series full frame mirrorless cameras .

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The drone is said to be able to fly for 22 minutes without a charge, and for 12 minutes with a charge like the Alpha 7S III mirrorless camera .

Airpeak Drone Airpeak S1 fitted with Sony Alpha mirrorless camera

In addition, because it is intended for professional filmmaking, Airpeak S1 is also equipped with features supporting the Airpeak Flight application, and a cloud service called Airpeak Plus.


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