Sony will close the PlayStation Community for PS4 in April

Sony Will Close The Playstation Community For Ps4 In April.jpg

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that they will be discontinuing support for the PlayStation Community feature for the program PS4 in April of this year.

Sony shared the news its official product and service pages on its website. “Starting April 2021, this feature is no longer supported or is no longer available on your PS4 console,” said the announcement.

Sony Will Close The Playstation Community For Ps4 In April.jpg

However, Sony has confirmed that gamers can still stay connected and use their messaging services via the PS4 and PlayStation apps. The exact end date for the PlayStation Community service has not been announced.

The PlayStation Community feature allows players to create and join community groups on the PS4 console based on their interests, and to interact with each other via messaging and other services.

This end of service seems like Sony’s step forward PS5 Future support. Earlier this year, Sony announced it would do so End of support for rental and purchase of movies and TV series via the PlayStation Store until August 31.

Players who have previously purchased media through the Service will still be able to access their purchases on their PS4, PS5, or mobile device, but will not be able to buy or rent anything new after August 31st.

In early January it was announced that Sony was rumored stop production most PS4 models in Japan, including the PS4 Pro, to produce more PS5 units.

The report also alleges that Sony Interactive Entertainment “plans to switch PlayStation to PS5 soon this year,” confirmed SIE CEO Jim Ryan. the previous statement that the company still believes in different generations of consoles.