Sony will release mobile versions of its popular games. Which ones?

Sony will release mobile versions of its popular games. Which ones?

Sony is looking for a new PlayStation Studios head that will focus on bringing “the most popular PlayStation franchises” to mobile devices. The vacancy was found by the Eurogamer edition.

Game titles and release dates are not mentioned. It is known that the new head of the new department must develop a strategy for the development of the direction for three to five years.

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The company has long been trying to merge the PlayStation brand with smartphones, albeit without success. In 2011, the company released the Xperia Play gaming smartphone. The Japanese did not develop the direction, although in general the segment of gaming smartphones began to grow rapidly since that time.

Developing games for smartphones will help you expand your audience and increase profits through in-app purchases. Plus, it would boost the popularity of PC and console games, Fortnite, PUBG and Roblox owe much of their success to mobile players.

The most popular Sony Interactive Entertainment franchises are Gran Turismo, Uncharted and God of War. Apparently, their mobile versions will appear in the foreseeable future.


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