Spotify launches Greenhouse to compete with Clubhouse

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Clubhouse seems to be fitting the nickname of the pioneer of Audio-based chat applications. Until now, many competitors are competing to present applications similar to Clubhouse. Now, it’s the turn of the Spotify streaming music app to join in on creating a similar app.

Spotify announced Greenroom, a new contender for the streaming voice chat app category. Although Greenroom carries the Spotify branding, it is a separate app.

The app works on the same basic premise as Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse. One user can simply create an audio-only room with listeners who can listen and participate. The room creator can control who speaks in the session.

Spotify positions Greenroom as a way to connect with people to “join the conversation”. Music, sports and culture are presented as topics of discussion, but it looks like users can create space on any topic.

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Currently, Greenroom is only available in English. Both iOS and Android users can download the Greenroom app now and sign in using a Spotify account. There is also a separate set of terms and conditions from Spotify that users must agree to before using.

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For additional information, Clubhouse is an application designed simply, founded by Paul Davidson. The concept of this clubhouse is an audio-based exclusive social media.

Inside the clubhouse there are many room and filled by several speakers who discuss certain topics. The display in it only shows profile photos of some participants accompanied by audio from each user.

It feels like a webinar or talk show but only audio. All speakers occur live and cannot be recorded, users can only hear if invited to the Clubhouse chat room.

Initially, this application could only be used on IOS devices, but now Android users can enjoy this viral application thanks to Elon Musk.


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