Spotify reveals how much Artists earned in 2020

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Spotify reveals how much Artists earned in 2020

Streaming service Spotify paid out $ 5 billion to copyright holders in 2020. This was announced by the company itself, reports The Verge.

The income of copyright holders in the service is growing. In 2020, they received $ 1.7 billion more than in 2017. For all the time, the platform paid them more than $ 23 billion in royalties. In 2020, 13 thousand musicians received at least $ 50 thousand from Spotify, 870 artists – $ 1 million each.


To keep things transparent, Spotify has launched a payout calculator site – Loud & Clear… There, everyone can see how much an artist has earned by streaming from a particular song.

In 2020, Spotify appeared in Russia. It competed with Apple Music, YouTube Music, BOOM and Yandex Music. It’s trick is smart playlists.