Start Writing On Hashnode’s Free Platform

Start Writing On Hashnode’s Free Platform

Before internet technology developed rapidly, people wrote articles in magazines, newspapers, or journals. But that all changed when the internet was widely accessible to everyone.

Start Writing On Hashnode's Free Platform

Many platforms offer a place to write free articles, be it forums, social media, or blogs. Especially for blogs, there are two types of prices offered, namely free and paid. Free users can blog with some restrictions; for some cases. Meanwhile, paid users can access more complete features.

But things are different when you start using Hashnode.

Hashnode is the easiest way to start a blog on a sub-domain belonging to Hashnode or even your own domain. And this is a feature that is made premium or paid for on many blog platforms. Hashnode makes it free to make it easy for everyone to have a blog and be able to write what’s on their mind.

The first thing you need to do is create an account on the website Hashnode.

There are many list options that can be used, you can use email, Google account, GitHub, Microsoft, Facebook & GitHub.

Choose a method to enter and continue to the next stage.

The next step is to add a profile photo, fill in your username, full name, and your blog tagline or slogan.

Next, come up with a name for your blog.

Next, you will set the URL for your blog, and this is the most interesting part. You can use a sub-domain from Hashnode or use your own domain. On this occasion, we will use a sub-domain from Hashnode, but you can try to use your own domain if you already have a domain.

Everything is finished and you are ready to write. Log into your Hashnode dashboard and start writing.

Hashnode has arguably better features than WordPress or Drupal when it comes to writing articles. From the Hashnode dashboard, you can customize the appearance, menus, SEO, pages, and much more.

In addition, your Hashnode dashboard is equipped with Analytic features to view visitor graphs, Newsletters to manage your newsletter, Integration which can be used to connect your blog to Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar Plausible, custom tags such as Google Tag Manager, and many more.

To publish an article, there are Post, Drafts, Series, and Pages menus that you can use to write and publish your article.

Another feature is backup. Hashnode can back up your blog to GitHub, it can also import and export your content.

To sharpen your blog’s SEO, Hashnode is equipped with sitemap, RSS, and AMP by default. Forget about those complicated AMP or SEO plugins!

Join the ambassador program and win an exclusive Hashnode T-Shirt.

By becoming an Ambassador, you will get features such as:

  • Beta Features
  • Gold Profile Ring
  • Reading History
  • Who Liked Your Articles
  • CSS Kustom
  • Source Code from GitHub
  • Discord Exclusive Group

You can become a Hashnode Ambassador via this link.

Hashnode is financed by leading investors Accel Partners and Surge by Sequoia Capital. As well as support from private investors such as Naval ravikant (Founder AngelList), Guillermo Rauch (Co-founder Vercel), Christopher Golda (Founder Rogue Capital), Harshil Mathur (Co-founder Razorpay), Girish mathrubootham (Founder of Freshworks) and many more.

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