Successor to LG V60’s Release Cancelled, Why?

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According to a recent report, LG has postponed the success of the V60 indefinitely. The South Korean cellphone manufacturer should have started testing its smart device last February, namely a device coded as Rainbow which is thought to be the LG V70 carrying the Snapdragon 888 chipset to be prepared for release to the market in March 2021.

Successor To Lg V60 Cancel Release Why.jpg

Currently, it is based on a report as quoted by GSMArena, Wednesday (3/3). LG has stopped communication with a number of local operators for the purposes of this new device. And it seems that this seasoned brand is having the toughest time managing its smartphone business.

This is not the first report that LG is struggling with its smartphone business. Previously it was also rumored that LG, which is known to be working on a cellphone with a scroll screen, has also canceled its ambition with an undetermined time limit. Dan has stopped working with parts suppliers including tech firm BOE, which was tasked with creating the appearance of the rolled-up model phone concept.

Then as we also know before, that LG is known to be looking for buyers, to continue the growing smartphone business. And based on the report, it is quite interesting for many parties to get it, it’s just that there is no further news about this.

The incident also reaffirmed the future of LG’s smartphone business, which had previously considered selling its cellular division or even shutting it down. As information too, LG’s cellular division has reportedly made a loss since Q2 2015, and made a total loss of up to $ 4.5 billion. The breakdown of LG’s cellular pockets also continues despite numerous attempts to turn things around with bold projects like the LG Wing.

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