Swish Teleprompter Mod Apk v1.0 (Premium)

Swish Teleprompter

Swish Teleprompter helps you record your videos without any difficulty of managing your script, swish teleprompter stores your scripts for you.

– You can keep track of all your video takes which will be stored according to project you have created.

– Add your already ready to use script from your phone in form of Text or PDF.

– With help of script on screen while recording, no need to memories any lines!

Swish Teleprompter Features :
– Well Sorted by Projects:- All the recorded video are well organized with different sector of projects.
– Import of Script:- Can import script from device storage for using it while video takes.
– Recording of Video:- Recording screen has different functions of overlay of the script.
— Can Manage Script Text Size
— Speed of Text can be changed as per preference.
— Text Area Can be changed as per preference.
— Font Size can changed as per preference.
— Auto Exposure Lock.
— Can record in multiple resolutions (1080p, 720p, 480p).
— Auto Stop recording video when script is over.
– Takes of Project:- Your every video recorded under particular project will be displayed and can be viewed easily.
– Preview & Share:- Recorded video can be viewed and shared, while it can even be shared with script and without script.

– Record your Videos with almost easy on your fingertips now.

– No need for managing different paper files, where as swish teleprompter makes it already digitally managed for you.

– Record your video while your script on screen which makes it easy to record long presentation videos.

– Can keep track of your recorded takes which helps in managing it at ease.

– Every ease is provided while recording video, as it be of Text size, Text speed, Text Area consumption, Video Exposure control.

– Script from device storage can also be used which should be in form of text file or PDF which helps you to use your already created script.


Storage – To collect Script for your Video Recording.
Record Audio – For recording user’s voice for Video.
Camera – To record videos

Mod Info:

☆Premium features unlocked

Ads Layout removed/Ad activity Removed

Optimized Graphics/Zipaligned

Debug Info Removed

Download Links:

swisteleprompter10_sign.apk – 24.6 MB