Telegram CEO Pavel Durov’s Fortune Increased Five-fold In 2021

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov’s Fortune Increased Five-fold In 2021

Forbes magazine summed up the results of 2021 and compiled a rating of Russian billionaires who have significantly increased their fortune over the past year. The statistics were published in the Russian edition of Forbes.

In general, Russian billionaires grew rich in 2021 by $ 101.39 billion in total – their fortunes are estimated at $ 576.72 billion.The top ten most successful of them increased their cash reserves by $ 74.51 billion.

In the first place in this rating was the creator and owner of the popular Telegram messenger Pavel Durov. In just one year in 2021, his fortune increased fivefold – from $ 3.43 to $ 17.24 billion, that is, in 2021 he earned $ 13.81 billion.Forbes believes that Telegram brought such phenomenal growth in income to Pavel. The fact is that in March 2021, Durov first placed bonds of the messenger on the stock exchange and attracted more than a billion dollars in investments. Since then, the estimated cost of Telegram has been steadily growing.

Tatiana Bakalchuk, co-founder of the Russian marketplace Wildberries, is in second place after Durov. Over the past year, it has increased its fortune from $ 1.1 to $ 13.02 billion. Experts attribute this growth to the success of Wildberries – this year it rose favorably against the background of a not very successful period for OZON, its main competitor in the Russian Federation.

Now Wildberries’ capitalization is $ 6.53 billion, and the company’s financial turnover has grown by as much as 89% over the past 9 months. It seems that even the recent scandals with the commission for paying for orders with MasterCard and Visa cards and with the introduction of a paid return of unsuitable goods to the client did not interfere with the marketplace.

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