Telegram has received a very important update with a few handy features

Telegram has received a very important update with a few handy features

Pavel Durov announced an important update for his Telegram messenger. The update will receive numbers 8.1 for iOS and 8.0.1 for Android. This is reported on the official Telegram website.

The main change in the messenger is the transition to a new system for storing unique values ​​(identifiers). Since its inception, Telegarm has used the int32 system, which can store up to 2,147,483,647 values. This includes identifiers for individual users as well as channels and groups. This number was coming to an end, which means that one day new users would not be able to register, and old ones – to create a group or channel. The new update uses int64, which can memorize up to 9 223 372 036 854 775 807 identifiers. This gives the messenger a huge supply of uninterrupted operation for the future.

The new build also has visual and functional changes. Among them:

  • Eight new color themes for private chats. Any of the topics can be selected for correspondence, and it will apply to both participants at once. Telegram notes that the design uses animated backgrounds and a gradient for message bubbles. In addition, each theme has a day and night version.
  • Interactive emoji. Some of the standard set of emojis have received additional full-screen animation. To see it, you need to click on the emoji in the chat. The update has only affected six icons so far, but will likely expand in the future.
  • “Read” in groups. Now “in small groups” you can see which of the participants read your message. The status of other people’s messages cannot be viewed – it is available only to the author. Read information is stored for 7 days.
  • Recording broadcasts and video chats. Now the group administrator can record a video broadcast in order to post the recording for those who missed the live.

Pavel Durov shared the details of why the Smart Voting bot was actually removed. He said that Google and Apple did not miss today’s update in the App Store and Play Store – and it is very important for users due to the change in the identification system. Pavel notes that for the sake of the users’ good he had to make concessions and remove the bot, after which the Telegram update appeared in the app stores.

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