Telegram Premium subscription is coming. These are the features.

The first details about the future Telegram Premium subscription have appeared on the network. They were written about in several specialized media, including Telegram Info and Durov’s Code.

Earlier, we said that in one of the beta versions of Telegram, developers found a hint of the appearance of a paid subscription in the messenger. At that time, no details about this were known, and the media could only assume that Pavel Durov would introduce such a special thing that users of the free “cart” would want to pay for it.

Now there is something new on the Internet. Judging by the leaks, paid chips will be as follows:

    • Reactions. After paying for the subscription, the user will have access to more reactions with new extended animations. So far, this feature does not work in the beta version of Telegram.



    • Stickers. It looks like Premium members will have access to special sticker packs that others won’t be able to get. Premium stickers will “equip” beautiful full-screen animation.



    • Mark of distinction. In the literal sense: in chats, everyone will see a colored star next to the name of a Premium user, as a distinctive sign that he has activated a subscription.


There are still no subscription costs in the leaks. Perhaps the developers themselves have not yet decided on prices. In addition, they are likely to be different for different regions.

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