Telegram refused Burger King ads. Is it because Pavel Durov doesn’t eat fast food?

Telegram refused Burger King ads. Is it because Pavel Durov doesn't eat fast food?

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation received a complaint from Burger King. The fast food chain was unhappy with the fact that Telegram did not allow it to place ads inside the messenger.

Burger King believes that the reason for the refusal is that Pavel Durov himself does not eat meat and does not want Telegram users to be agitated to eat meat products. Burger King sells beef cutlet burgers and other meat-based foods such as nuggets and shawarma. The assortment of the network also includes burgers with prawns and fried prawns, and Pavel Durov seems to love seafood, but only fresh.

“If Pavel Durov does not eat meat and does not use the services of fast food establishments, this is his personal choice, but we consider it unacceptable to impose his opinion on all consumers. We are forced to look for a solution to this problem in the legal field, “said Ivan Shestov, Marketing Director of Burger King Russia.

Burger King demanded that the FAS forbid Telegram owners to establish discriminatory terms for advertising.

The Telegram ad network was announced this week. The threshold for entering it is relatively high – at least two million euros. Thus, Pavel Durov tries to protect the user from low-quality ads, because under such conditions, not every company can afford to advertise on Telegram.

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