Telegram removed bots for “breaking through” personal data

Telegram Removed Bots For Breaking Through Personal Data.png



Telegram obeyed the requirements of Roskomnadzor and began to remove bots that allow you to receive personal data of Russians by name, links to social networks, phone numbers and license plates. Removed the largest of these bots, “Eye of God”, as well as Smart Search Bot, “Archangel”, Mail Search Bot and some others.

On March 9, the administration of the “Eyes of God” announced its desire to legalize the project in order to bring it in line with Russian laws, and for this it filed an application with Rospatent to register its information retrieval technologies.


Less than an hour after blocking, the Eye of God bot became available at the new address.

You can read how the market for leaking personal data through bots in Telegram works in this article.

Roskomnadzor demanded that the Telegram administration block the work of such bots, and also turned to law enforcement agencies to establish the identities of the administrators and owners of the bots. They can be prosecuted for illegal disclosure of personal data of Russians. Users of bots can also be held accountable, but for this, law enforcement agencies need to prove that they illegally obtained personal data of other people, and this is very difficult.