Tesla launched cheap Cybertruck-styled ATV for Kids

Tesla launched cheap Cybertruck-styled ATV for Kids

Founded by Elon Musk, Tesla has released the Cyberquad for Kids ATV, designed for children from 8 years old. It is relatively cheap when compared to Tesla cars – only $ 1,900 (about 140,000 rubles).

Cyberquad for Kids inherited Cybertruck’s design, which never made it to the market despite huge hype and demand. The ATV is equipped with a steel body and frame, a soft seat, adjustable suspension and disc brakes on the rear wheels.

An electric motor is used. The battery is charged in 8 hours, it is enough to cover a distance of 24 km at a speed of up to 16 km / h. If desired, for the safety of the child, you can limit the speed by half to 8 km / h. The maximum driver’s weight is 64 kg. There is no passenger seat.

Sale of Cyberquad for Kids have already started in the USA. Given the relatively low prices and the upcoming holidays, these ATVs are unlikely to be enough for everyone. Delivery will jump – from two weeks to a month.

It is known that Tesla also plans to release a two-seater “adult” ATV. It will be included free of charge with the Cybertruck pickup, which has been delayed until 2022.

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