The 10 Best Horror Games For Android In 2022

By playing game horror able to make goosebumps goosebumps, because horror games are still much sought after by some game lovers. Especially for those of you who like horror themes. Therefore, if you are tired of watching horror movies, you can play games to fill your spare time.

Horror games do have their own charm for some players. Lots of the best horror games on Android that can be downloaded via Google playstore. So many, of course, you feel confused about which game to play. No need to worry, because this time we will recommend some of the best horror games that you must play.

Of course, some of the games that we will share in this article are very stressful and have a high level of excitement. So, you don’t get bored easily when playing the game. If you are curious and want to know what horror games can be played. Please see the explanation as follows.

10 Scariest Horror Games on Android

Here we will recommend the 10 Best Horror Games on Android that you can try to play. You can choose a game that you want to play on your Android device. Just look at the explanation as follows.

#1. Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion

Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion is a point and click puzzle game. Players can explore the haunted house in order to reveal a long-buried secret. In this game you can also establish communication with psychics.

Curse breakers themselves carry a casual theme that contains elements of horror, in this game you can’t find ghosts that will suddenly appear on your face. You can get the game through google playstore for free.

#2. Dead Triger 2

Dead Triger 2 is the second installment of the first Dead Trigger. Because in the first series this game was very successful and managed to attract the attention of game lovers. In this game, players must be able to survive and fight against a lot of zombies. You will be provided with several weapons, such as swords, rifles and katana.

This game is very exciting for you to play and quite stressful. For those of you who like zombie themes, you shouldn’t miss Dead Triger 2. Just get the game on google playstore or click the link here.

#3. Reporter 2

Reporter 2 is no less exciting and tense than the others. In this game, you will play the role of a victim who survived the hospital due to an incident. And you will be brought into a house. You can see a girl who always appears suddenly and disappears.

At first, you feel indifferent and as time goes on you become curious about the girl because she always appears every night. So you will not feel calm because you feel haunted by the mysterious girl. Download the game right now here.

#4. DISTRAINT – Best Horror Game

The DISTRAINT horror game was specifically created for PC users, but now you can play it on Android devices. The reason is, the DISTRAINT game is one of the best games that must be played, and will take you into a tense horror sensation.

In this game you will be provided with various very tense stories. Not only that, this game also presents sound effects that will make the atmosphere even more tense. Download the game here.

#5. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 are the most popular games in various countries. Initially this game was a television series until finally an android game version was created that you can play. In The Walking Dead you will play as Lee, a man who is looking for the whereabouts of a girl named Clementine, because the girl must survive to avoid a collection of zombies.

The Walking Dead game also presents an interesting and very tense storyline. This game also requires you to make decisions that will be taken. Interested? Download the game right now.

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#6. Into The Dead

In this game you will continue to run indefinitely, Into The Dead has a plot that is almost similar to Temple Run. Just like above, you have to be able to survive zombie attacks.

The main setting of this game is in a very dark sandy environment. Therefore, you must be able to save yourself from a huge collection of zombies. If you want to play a gripping game, then Into The Dead is the solution.

#7. Slendrina – Best Horror Game

The next horror game is Slendrina and has a very simple objective. The players will be asked to find 8 old books that have been lost. But, you can’t underestimate the mission in it. Because the adventure that is given in order to get the book is not easy.

The reason, will be given some mystical elements that are very difficult to solve. You will also be asked to solve a set of puzzles. So that this game really deserves to be dubbed the best horror game that must be played, download the game here.

#8. Eyes – Best Horror Game

Eyes is an arcade genre horror game that has a plot setting in an empty, abandoned basement. In this game you will not get weapons to kill ghosts. The goal of the player is to be able to collect a lot of valuable items by exploring the basement.

If your cellphone screen displays the word RUN, it means that there are ghosts around you. If you look around you will find a ghost chasing you later. You can run as fast as you can to avoid the ghost from being killed.

#9. White Day

White Day is a classic horror game developed by ROI Games. The game uses a first-person perspective and provides players with a lot of horror experience. You can explore the haunted school building.

Of course, the school atmosphere is very tense, players will feel terrorized by various shadow silhouettes, mysterious sounds, jump scare surprises and many others. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you play the game.

#10. Granny

Granny is a horror thriller game that is very gripping and tense. Because the players will be trapped in an empty house and alone. The reason is, in the house there are grandmothers who are very scary and often kill humans.

Therefore, you must be able to save yourself and get out of the house, of course not to be caught by the grandmother. If interested, please download and play the game right now here.

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The final word

Those are some reviews about the 10 Best Horror Games on Android 2021 that you can download and install right now to be able to play the game directly on Android. Hopefully this article is useful for all, thank you so much.

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