The Advantages Of JAMstack Websites

The Advantages Of JAMstack Websites

JAMstack was first coined by the founder of Netlify 5 years ago, but it’s been quite hot lately. This term is used to eliminate the negative connotation of “static web” or static web which is usually displayed in HTML format.

The static web is known for its rigid changes, that is, when we change the content of an article, we don’t immediately notice the change. Another dynamic web like PHP / WordPress which changes fast; because that’s called a dynamic web.

The Advantages Of JAMstack Websites

But as technology developed, the static web did not become rigid, after Netlify re-popularized the static web with the term Jamstack as previously mentioned.

Netlify is arguably a supporter of this movement, by providing dedicated hosting services for static web that support various frameworks such as React, VueJS, Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll and others.

This step is followed by Vercel, apart from introducing the Next.js framework, they also offer hosting for static web.

Some of the advantages of JAMStack are as follows:

  • Make it easy scaling, because all applications and their contents are presented in use Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Safer, the absence of a database, plugin or dynamic server scripts (eg PHP, Node) also eliminate the potential for code injection or exploitation.
  • Faster, again because the content pages have been made static first during the process build and served via CDN.
  • Memiliki developer experience better, the separation between the build and hosting process and simplify the process of updating the code makes developers more focused on working.

The disadvantage of this Jamstack is that it requires fairly good skills, such as understanding the Javascript language workflow, Markdown writing format and others.

However, these shortcomings do not really matter, because now there are many ready-to-use frameworks such as VuePress. For writing, we can use Stackbit, Contentful, CosmicJS and others; while for hosting you can use Vercel, Netlify, AWS Lambda or others.


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