The Chinese authorities banned Xiaomi’s coolest charging technology

The Chinese authorities banned Xiaomi's coolest charging technology

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has passed regulations governing wireless chargers manufactured in the country. The power of such devices cannot exceed 50 watts.

The Chinese authorities banned Xiaomi's coolest charging technology

The agency indicated that high-power wireless chargers can interfere with the frequency spectrum used by various government services, and this poses a threat to the normal functioning of aviation, shipping, etc.

These rules were adopted after Xiaomi introduced a 120-watt wireless charger capable of charging a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery in just 15 minutes. The company then announced that such a charger will be released for sale, and some new models of smartphones will have its support. Obviously, Xiaomi will not be able to release such a charger in China, but the company will be able to sell it in other countries where there are no restrictions on the power of wireless chargers.

However, it is possible that the rules will be relaxed if Xiaomi proves that its invention is safe (one of the arguments may be that 120 watts is the peak value, and most of the time the smartphone is charged with less power). In addition, Xiaomi has repeatedly talked about developments and technologies that control the charging process – they allow you to reduce the supplied current when the battery, connector and other components become too hot.


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