The first online mobile phone museum is opened

The first online mobile phone museum is opened

Mobile phone collectors Ben Wood and Matt Chatterley set up a nonprofit – Online Mobile Phone Museum Mobile Phone Museum.

The goal of the project is to preserve the legacy of the smartphone industry and help financially in the future. The collection already includes more than 2000 models of mobile phones, released from 1984 to the present day by various manufacturers.

“When a device is donated, it is tagged, photographed and moved to our secure vault. The flow of new devices is growing almost daily, ”the project description says.

Here are some of the models from the museum’s catalog. Among them are Nokia 3310, Nokia 7600, Motorola RAZR V3:

Many phone models are missing from the collection, the site will accept missing mobile phones. If you submit an old mobile device that is not yet on the site, it will be photographed and moved to secure storage.

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