The new PS5 is lighter but hotter

The new PS5 is lighter but hotter

Apparently, the PlayStation 5 update that was present some time ago weighs 300 grams lighter, even though it has to sacrifice the size of the heatsink.

Sony has just introduced the first revision of their latest generation of consoles, namely PlayStation 5. The latest variant of this console will also be sold in the near future in Japan, Australia, and several countries in the United States.

Sony also said that this first revised PS5 comes with a lighter weight. They say that the difference between the first edition of the PS5 and the first revised edition has a weight difference of up to 300 grams.

One of the famous YouTubers, Austin Evans also already has the latest generation console. And when he unpacked, he found some differences between the two consoles.

The first thing he noticed was that the fans of the two variants had differences, where the fan on the first revised PS5 had better performance due to the better fan blade design. However, the fan manufacturer is still the same.

The second difference he found was in the additional SSD board section. Not to forget, in the WiFi section there are also changes, namely having two WiFi antennas and less Bluetooth than the original PS5.

And most importantly, the difference is in the cooling. Sony trimmed the heatsink that was in the first revised PS5 so they could save about 300 grams of weight.

Evans tried the cooling performance of the two PS5 versions. Apparently, there is a temperature difference that is quite pronounced. The first revised version of the PS5 turned out to have a temperature of about 3 to 5 degrees Celsius hotter.

This difference will affect the location where users can store their console. Most likely, the first revised PS5 was required to be out in the open for extended use. Here’s a PS5 teardown video by Austin Evans:


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