The new Xiaomi Mi Mix will use Liquid Lens technology!

The New Xiaomi Mi Mix Brings Liquid Lens Technology.jpg

Xiaomi has recently been increasingly showing off various new capabilities that they will apply to its latest smart devices. This time it is the turn of the liquid lens, which will be observed in the latest Mi Mix.

You need to know that this camera lens has a layer that is filled with liquid. Based on Xiaomi’s information, the thin layer of water can adjust the focus through the lens settings with the electric voltage flowing in the liquid.

The New Xiaomi Mi Mix Brings Liquid Lens Technology.jpg

In a leak mentions carrying this camera technology. One lens can be used for various types of lenses, from telephoto to macro, and also offers fast autofocus.

This camera technology is actually not new, because this technology is very commonly used in the industry to support its performance with a camera with maximum capabilities, but who knows what the application would be if the camera technology was applied to a smartphone, which is actually small in size.

What you should really look forward to is that the latest Mi Mix will be saved with extraordinary high-end technology. And indeed the application of this liquid lens should be placed in the Mi Mix line because this cellphone is allocated to experiment with technologies that have never been used before on cellphones.

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You can see this, in 2018 one of the first cellphones to offer a selfie camera that can be shifted mechanically. Then in 2020 there was the Mi Mix Alpha, which is almost completely covered by a screen.

For the details like what, in terms of capabilities both in terms of features and technology, let’s just wait for the start date, because reportedly the latest Mi Mix is ​​ready to be introduced on 29 March.