The Squid Game Cryptocurrency turned out to be a scam

The Squid Game Cryptocurrency turned out to be a scam

A few days ago, a currency appeared on the crypto market SQUID allegedly linked to the hit South Korean TV series Squid Game. At first, it cost less than a dollar per coin, by the end of the week its price jumped to $ 500-600, and today it has risen sharply to $ 2861, later people realised that this is a scam.

The website and the project’s social media and messenger accounts no longer work – they were deleted or frozen for fraud. According to rough estimates, the creators of SQUID received about 2.1 million US dollars from fraudulent crypto investors.


The press was skeptical about this cryptocurrency due to the fact that it could be purchased, but not sold. However, its creators had a legend: supposedly they would launch a game that requires SQUID coins, there will be only one winner, and he will hit the entire jackpot. It was then that it would supposedly become possible to cash out coins.

Just before leaving the scam, the price of the cryptocurrency was at its peak. When the scammers realized that they would not be able to earn more, they closed the project and disappeared with the money. Those who invested in SQUID were left with nothing.

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