Theme Hub for KLWP 2020.May.30.00 Latest APK Free Download

Supported aspect ratios: 16:9, 18:9, 18.5:9, 19:9, 19.5:9.

(* if you are interested in unlocked files, please email me with your bill code at any time. I will send it to you. Thank you very much)

There is Dark mode for each themes. All the color options are setup on screen, so you don’t need to config theme in the editor.

Added 1 new theme: Theme 4th (29/05/2020)

Totally 4 themes so far: Theme 1, Theme 1.1, Theme 2 and theme 4

These themes are designed with smooth animation.

While Theme 1 and Theme 1.1 are 3 pages setup themes, Theme 2 and Theme 4 are 4 pages setup themes.

All themes include 4 main sections: Weather, Calendar, Music Player and News.

The default Weather app is Today Weather. If you want to change to your weather app, please look for Overlap Group named with note such as: Wa Touch to Launch Weather App. Please do the same with Calendar or Music App. (The default Music app is Play Music).

The Calendar section is designed with following function:
+ Check the events on particular date.
+ Navigating throughout years

The News section:
There are 5 news sources: Comingsoon (Movies), Goal (Sport), Buzzfeed (World), Androidcentral (Android), 9to5mac (Ios). To change rss sources, please edit values of Global variable named “nyt”. The sytax of this value:,,,,


1. This is not a standalone app. You need: Nova Launcher Prime, KLWP pro to run it.

2. In Nova Settings, you need to do:

A. Homescreen -> Dock -> Disable it

B. Homescreen -> Page Indicator -> None

C. Homescreen -> Advanced -> Show Shadow, off

D. App Drawer -> Swipe Indicator -> off

E. Look and Feel -> Show Notification Bar -> off

E. Look and Feel -> Hide Navigation Bar -> checked

Frequently question:
Theme not scrolling? (Usually happened to Huawei phones)
Answer: please look for Support section in Klwp app. You can find the solution right at the first section.

Special thanks to @vhthinh_at for the template.

If you have any troubles in using the theme, please email me at any time, I am very happy to help you. My email: [email protected]

Thank you very much 🙂❤🙏

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