These are the New Features in ColorOS 12

These are the New Features in ColorOS 12

OPPO announced the ColorOS 12 operating system in China. ColorOS 12 is targeted to provide a seamless operating system experience and user experience for integration with smart technologies. ColorOS 12 is also made using a new design with the concept of no boundaries.

In terms of interactive experience, the latest animation (Quantum Animation Engine) plus, anti-stuttering AI engine was developed to provide a smooth operating system experience. Handy features like Cross-Screen Interconnection and Smart Sidebar, keep ColorOS 12 users productive in a variety of scenarios.

For privacy, ColorOS 12 ensures that users are aware of and in control of features that allow them to record app behavior, share photos securely, get reminders about permissions when using an app.

By design, ColorOS 12 has redefined its appearance to overcome the information density that must be displayed to the user by increasing white space, increasing text contrast and distinguishing color tones.

ColorOS 12 also brings an avatar feature called “Omoji” which can build precise 3-dimensional models through the Face Capture algorithm that can capture more than 20,000 facial features so that avatars can be personalized more realistically.

Interestingly, ColorOS 12 is now promoting an interconnected ecosystem through a cross-screen interconnect feature that simplifies connectivity between mobile and laptop devices. Once connected, users can operate their smartphone devices easily via a laptop.

While being able to share files and data with transfer speeds of up to 45Mbps, users can also edit documents on their smartphone directly on the laptop screen. This feature supports most of the top brand laptops that have the operating system Windows 10 or higher.

These are the New Features in ColorOS 12

OPPO equips ColorOS 12 with an anti-stuttering AI engine. Through testing by the OPPO technology laboratory, after the device was simulated for 26 months with continuous use, the read/write performance decreased by less than 5% and the overall aging rate was 2.75%.

This technology can also prioritize apps to ensure the device can operate smoothly using less power. Lastly, OPPO announced its ColorOS 12 upgrade plan. In this plan, Find X3 Pro Photographer Edition will be the first model to run ColorOS 12.

Limited public testing will begin for the Find X3 series and OnePlus 9 series in October. For the Find X2 series and Reno6 series in November, and for the Reno5 series and OnePlus 8 series in December, respectively. OPPO also promised to provide three times the Android system upgrade on its flagship phones.

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