These iOS 15 Features Are Only Available on iPhone XS and Up

These iOS 15 Features Are Only Available on iPhone XS and Up

After a long wait, Apple finally rolling out iOS 15 to the public starting today. As Apple previously announced, iOS 15 will be coming to many iPhone models.

Older models like the iPhone 6s will also get this software update. However, not all feature that brought iOS 15 will be able to use the old model iPhone. There are several features in iOS 15 that can only be used on new iPhone models.

Here are the iOS 15 features that will only be present in iPhone XS upwards.

iOS 15 Features for iPhone XS up to iPhone 13

  • Spatial Audio on Face Time. This feature is claimed to provide an experience video call which is better, as if the voice of the interlocutor is around the user.
  • Portrait Mode on Face Time. This feature allows users to create effects blur in the background while doing video call. This feature is only present on powered devices chip A12 Bionic or newer.
  • Interactive Globe on Apple Maps. This feature displays Apple Maps in interactive 3D. Apple also improves the details of special objects such as mountains, forests, seas, and so on.
  • Immersive Walking Direction on Maps. This feature will guide users to find a path with dual reality technology (augmented reality).
  • Visual Look up. With this feature users can more easily find more information through photos directly. Users simply swipe up on the screen (swipe up) or click to highlight a specific object in the photo that you want to explore further.
  • Animated backgrounds in the Weather feature. There are thousands background (background) animation in the Weather feature that positions the sun and clouds more accurately. It may be trivial, but this update is quite interesting for some users.
  • On-device Speech Processing. This feature allows user request audio sounds, such as when activating Siri, to be processed entirely within iPhone using Apple’s Neural Engine technology.
  • Keys in Wallet. Users can add various keys on one device, such as car keys, home, office and so on.
These iOS 15 Features Are Only Available on iPhone XS and Up
Nikkei Asia Illustration of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

iOS 15 features for iPhone 12

In addition to the features above, there are several other features that are only available on the iPhone 12. Most of them are features related to 5G.

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  • Panorama. The Panorama feature on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro has been enhanced with geometric distortion. In addition, shooting moving objects is also said to be better than before. This feature will also reduce noise in the picture.
  • Improved 5G connectivity. With improved 5G connectivity, the experience of accessing multiple systems and applications will also be supported.For example backup support (backup) to iCloud and restore backups from iCloud, streaming audio and video in Apple and third-party apps, download high-quality Apple TV+ content, and more.
  • 5G priority. This feature allows the device to prioritize 5G connectivity when the WiFi connection is slow or when the user is connected to an unsecured network.
Illustration of iPhone 13Apple Illustration of iPhone 13

iOS 15 features for iPhone 13

iOS 15 also brings some special features that will be present only in the iPhone 13 line. Although at this time, the new iPhone 13 will be sold globally next September 24.

  • Cinematic Mode. Users can apply a bokeh effect to video footage by activating this mode.
  • Photographic Styles. This feature will give a personal look in the user’s photo. Functions like filter, but the settings are only applied to certain areas of the photo while maintaining skin tone.
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