This antivirus mines cryptocurrency. And no, it was not hacked

This antivirus mines cryptocurrency. And no, it was not hacked

Usually, miners turn off the antivirus on the computer when mining cryptocurrency. This makes the system vulnerable to hacker attacks, but it cannot be otherwise, because antiviruses perceive chaotic traffic from mining programs as malicious and can break the Internet connection or block suspicious programs.

This antivirus mines cryptocurrency. And no, it was not hacked

Developers from NortonLifelock (formerly Symantec) came up with a solution to this problem – they built the Norton Crypto utility into the Norton 360 security package, with which you can mine Ethereum. At the same time, complete protection of the computer is preserved, and data from the mining program is transmitted in encrypted form and protected from interception.

You can create a wallet for storing mined coins directly in the Norton Crypto utility, and it is cloud-based, that is, the mined cryptocurrency will be available even if the drive in the computer breaks down. Such a utility is suitable for owners of gaming computers and laptops, and for owners of full-fledged farms, of course, it is better to use specialized software, which is much more efficient and has fine-tuned settings.

Norton Crypto

Like all other programs for Ethereum mining, Norton Crypto creates a heavy load on the video card, and the card must be sufficiently productive (even better when there are several of them). The developers advise to run this utility only when the computer is idle. They simplified the mining of cryptocurrency as much as possible: the program has a very simple interface, a graph of mining efficiency is shown, the balance and its equivalent in dollars are clearly visible, and you can pause the search for new blocks in the Ethereum network at any time.

An updated version of the Norton 360 package with built-in Norton Crypto utility for Ethereum mining will be available in the coming weeks.


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