TikTok adds anti-bullying features

TikTok adds anti-bullying features

The TikTok app has new features aimed at fighting bullying. Now users will be able to reject comments that are written under their videos.


Trolls and bullies will always be on the Internet, because here they can use comments for their comfort. Often these are insecure people who try to make themselves better by humiliating others. However, it is not always clear to victims of bullying, especially teenagers. And this is the main target audience of TikTok.

The company is trying to solve the problem on both sides. There are functions for those who write malicious comments, and for those who receive them. The first recognizes such comments and invites the author to think again before submitting them.

Part of the fun is interacting with the content, being able to share ideas in the comments. We try to promote a positive and supportive environment. We want to inspire everyone to treat each other with kindness and respect. A new notification before sending malicious comments encourages the author to think again. We also remind users of the platform’s rules.

If you post an angry, offensive comment, you will be prompted to change it or submit anyway. The recipient will be able to filter such comments and remove them.


People put their heart and soul into their content, and we want to give them more control over that content. Now video creators will decide for themselves which comments are displayed under their video. In this case, the author must approve each comment, and only after that they will appear under the video.

The company also collaborates with an anti-bullying research group. The goal of all of this is to make TikTok as positive and supportive as possible.

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