Tiktok Banned Cryptocurrency Advertising

Tiktok Banned Cryptocurrency Advertising

Tiktok officially prohibits showing crypto ads on their app.

This statement was broadcast last Friday, reported by Cointelegraph, Thursday 15 July 2021.

Tiktok has new guidelines that prohibit users from posting promotional content about financial products, regardless of the geographic location of the creator.

Tiktok Banned Cryptocurrency Advertising

Please note, TikTok is a hotbed for Dogecoin (DOGE) ad promotion. In 2020, the spread of these ads was very massive, especially from user content. The ad also succeeded in influencing other users to invest in crypto.

“My interpretation of this is [TikTok] limit directly or indirectly sponsored content that leads to affiliate links, for example to sign up for a trading platform and get free shares,” said Informed Choice’s head of client education, Martin Bamford.

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Previously, Google 2018 had banned the promotion of crypto ads. Although the company is currently in negotiations to remove some of the bans for some entities, Google still includes the prohibitions in its advertising guidelines.

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