TikTok Becomes the Most Downloaded Application Beating Facebook

TikTok Becomes the Most Downloaded Application Beating Facebook

TikTok  really works as a way to kill time in the middle of a pandemic COVID-19. The Chinese social media also beat Facebook to be the most downloaded application in 2020 in the United States.

This is contained in a survey conducted globally by Nikkei Asia. In the previous year they only occupied the 4th position under Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

Their short video concept is considered very effective and able to make many people more interested than other social media.

“(There) I can enjoy videos of artists who can’t perform live (concerts, etc.) during this pandemic,” said Nina, one of the correspondents in Portland, United States.

Even so, they did not write down how many total downloads TikTok generated. Based on an analysis conducted by Sensor Tower in mid-July, it was stated that TikTok has passed 3 billion downloaders globally.

They also detailed if the application experienced an increase of up to 383 million new downloaders who installed the application in early 2021. But unfortunately they also experienced a decline of up to 38 percent compared to 2020 after the application was banned in India.

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Previously, many people doubted the success of the application in the United States market. Especially after the appearance of the ban by former President Donald Trump because it was considered a threat to national security.

The regulation was also repealed by President Joe Biden and caused a rapid increase in the number of TikTok users in the land of Uncle Sam.

Popularity of TikTok was followed by its competitors. Instagram recently released Reels where they can share videos with a concept similar to TikTok. While YouTube also has a Short that is not much different.

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