TikTok Collects MAC Addresses of Android Users By Bypassing Google’s Security System

The Chinese-owned service collects users’ MAC addresses from Android devices despite a series of protections imposed by Google.

What’s more, the search giant specifically prohibits the practice, it’s just that the TikTok app even features an additional system whose purpose is to hide this tracking information.

TikTok Collects MAC Addresses of Android Users By Bypassing Google's Security System

MAC addresses, which are unique to each device, are included in the data set TikTok collects from Android devices and is usually given consent by the user. This data includes information related to advertising, such as advertising ID.

According to the report, the MAC address pool closed in November, about 15 months after TikTok actually started tracking this information on Android devices. It’s unclear whether the same practice is used on the iPhone.

Google said it was investigating the report. Collecting MAC addresses from devices is a prohibited practice on both iPhone and Android, per official policy.

Interestingly, TikTok doesn’t specifically deny the MAC address pool, but the company says its current version doesn’t switch to such a practice. There is no word on what he has done in the past.

At this point, TikTok is very close to becoming a Microsoft-owned company, with the Redmond-based software giant setting a September 15 deadline for reaching a deal with TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance.

US President Donald Trump warned that if TikTok was not part of an American company, the service would remain banned in the United States. China emphatically rejects Trump’s statement and the approach taken by Microsoft.


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