TikTok Criticized for Modifying User’s Face Without Permission

TikTok Criticized for Modifying User's Face Without Permission

The Beauty Filter on TikTok is widely liked by users but there are also those who criticize it for being activated without consent.

TikTok has recently been heavily criticized for being caught changing users’ faces without permission. This was revealed when some TikTok users in the United States felt that there was something wrong with their faces when using TikTok.

Tori Dawn, an American, noticed this when she felt something different with her chin. He felt that his chin was not as sharp as the chin shown in the TikTok video. “My face looks more androgynous because of the slightly square chin. Here my chin is made more pointed,” he complained.

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Not unhappy, Tori Dawn just felt that the image displayed by TikTok did not present herself fully.

The same complaint was also felt by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Abby Ohlheiser. She says not only has the structure of her chin changed, her skin has also become smoother than she has.

“I asked my followers on the same Twitter to do the same. It turned out that the same thing also happened, especially for Android users,” he explained.

After investigating, it turns out that this happened because TikTok activated the Beauty Filter without the user’s knowledge. As soon as the user activates TikTok, the filter that makes the user look more beautiful is immediately activated. Even though the settings are turned off, the Beauty Filter still works.

Tori Dawn even proves it live about the filter that continues to work. He did so by covering part of his face, especially from the nose up. The result is indeed visible once the nose to the head is closed, Tori Dawn’s chin returns to its original shape.

“I’m not comfortable making videos because my original look doesn’t look like this,” he said.

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TikTok Criticized for Fix User Face Without Permission

Mentioned by Technology Review, TikTok said it happened because of an error. They promised to fix the error so that users would not be bothered. It’s just that until now, according to Technology Review, activation of Beauty Filters without user permission is still happening.

Amy Niu, a researcher from the University of Wisconsin, said that some Chinese-made apps often activate Beauty Filters without the user’s consent. Apart from TikTok some other apps are WeChat and DouYin. “When I turn off the feature, I still see some auto-fixes on my face,” he said.

He said having a Beauty Filter feature is not a bad thing. However, the program developer must have a sense of responsibility to the extent to which the filter can be used. They should also know how they will change the user’s perception when using the filter. “Are they going to unconsciously try to change their appearance to look more similar to the image, as well as changes in beauty standards and body image,” explained Amy Niu.


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