TikTok has launched Stories Feature

TikTok has launched Stories Feature

Matt Navarra, TikTok spokesman, announced service innovation – stories launched. The feature has received a simple, logical and concise name – TikTok Stories.

TikTok describes the innovation as a new way for creators to interact with their fans. Stories are implemented in much the same way as in Snapchat, Instagram, VKontakte and other services: they can be created using various visual effects, with the addition of music and text. You cannot use photos, only video format is supported.

Stories are displayed at the top of the screen, they disappear immediately after viewing or 24 hours after being published. Users can leave reactions or comments to the video, and by clicking on the author’s avatar, you can go to his profile to see other content posted by him.

Stories are currently being tested only on a subset of TikTok users. If this format becomes popular as a result of testing, access to the new feature will open to all users.

The Stories format was first introduced to Snapchat in 2013. Since then, it has been picked up by many other services, and not only those where the content is formed by users (for example, the stories are in the applications of banks and mobile operators).

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