TikTok Users Can Now Upload 1080p Videos

TikTok Users Can Now Upload 1080p Videos

TikTok users get ready to enjoy videos with higher quality. This short video platform has just released several new features, one of which is the option to upload 1080p quality videos.

This 1080p video upload feature is only available in certain countries. Users can share videos with quality up to 1080p by selecting the ‘Upload HD’ option from the ‘More options’ section on the Publishing page.

Apart from the option to upload HD videos, TikTok has also updated the Green Screen effect which is one of the user’s favorite effects. This effect, which has been around since 2019, allows users to place themselves in front of a photo or video background.

Now the Green Screen effect supports backgrounds with the GIF format.  TikTok users can choose a GIF to use as the background from the library provided by Giphy.

TikTok’s move to hook Giphy into providing GIF content is quite surprising. Because Giphy is currently owned by Meta which is the parent of Facebook and Instagram.

Another feature is the Visual Enhancement button that can increase the video display automatically. This button can be used to correct parts of the video such as exposure, color correction, low-light conditions, and others.

This feature is provided for users who may not be video editing experts but want their videos to look good with just one click. To use this feature, simply tap the ‘Enhance’ button on the right panel after recording or uploading a video, as quoted from TechCrunch, Friday (17/12/2021).

TikTok also scrolls through sound effects and music, including features that can change the user’s voice or other sounds to those of animals and musical instruments, such as cats, flutes, and suona (traditional Chinese trumpets).

The sound effects and music features can be accessed on the Editing page by tapping the ‘Voice Effects’ button in the panel on the right of the screen.

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