Tim Cook strongly opposed to third-party app stores on iOS

Tim Cook strongly opposed to third-party app stores on iOS

Apple CEO Tim Cook was interviewed about the company’s perspective on third-party app stores. The interview was published by several foreign publications, including MyDrivers.

According to the source, Apple’s CEO is strongly opposed to third-party app stores on iOS and iPadOS. According to him, this would harm both the developers of software for the iPhone and iPad, and its users. He said:

“The main things we look at in the App Store are privacy and security. These are two basic principles that create a highly reliable collaboration environment for consumers and developers. Users must trust the developers, and the developers get a huge base of people to sell their software. “

Cook believes that the emergence of third-party platforms selling apps on iOS potentially jeopardizes the personal data of iPhone users, who are already accustomed to the fact that their device is to some extent secure. The average person will not see the key difference between the App Store and a third-party store – both there and there are his favorite applications – until they fall into the hands of scammers, insiders or blackmailers. And when this happens, the user is likely to blame Apple, and not a third-party store or himself.

Tim Cook continues:

“It is most important. Everything else is secondary. We are trying to explain the decisions we made, and those decisions are key to maintaining privacy and security. The iPhone does not have the ability to install unverified apps or install from elsewhere. We do not open the iPhone to uncensored applications that cannot appear in the App Store. “

Apple NOIn other words, Apple’s CEO flatly rejected the idea of ​​third-party app stores appearing on iPhones and iPads in the foreseeable future, as this will open the door for unscrupulous developers and outright scammers, as well as seriously damage both users themselves and the company’s reputation.

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