TIME Magazine Names Galaxy Z Flip3 One of the Best Inventions of the Year!

TIME Magazine Names Galaxy Z Flip3 One of the Best Inventions of the Year!

Every year there are many smartphone brands that try to bring new smartphone innovations from design, features, to technology.

This year, Galaxy Z Flip3 made by Samsung is arguably one of the smartphones that has succeeded in presenting new innovations in terms of folding smartphone design, and this was proven after this smartphone was chosen as one of the best inventions in the TIME version.

TIME Magazine is known to have included the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G as one of The 110 Best Inventions of 2021 which means foldable smartphone Samsung’s new is considered a great invention of the year.

This is also quite surprising because in previous years when Samsung introducing the Galaxy Z Flip Series for the first time, it didn’t make the list of best inventions. It is precisely the third generation Galaxy Z Flip that has been crowned on the list.

“Galaxy Z Flip has a compact design like devices from two decades ago. Instead of a small screen and physical dial pad, we have a bright 6.7-inch screen with a front cover that allows users to read incoming messages or calls closed,” said Jason Cipriani, writer for the technology category at TIME.

“Remarkably, this smartphone is priced at US $ 999 which makes it the first smartphone with a folding screen that is priced under US $ 1,000,” continued Cipriani.

Indeed, in terms of its own design, the Galaxy Z Flip3 is the best design that Samsung has ever presented for the entire Galaxy Z Flip series, it’s no wonder that the device has been named one of the best finds in 2021.

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