Tips to Become a Gaming Content Creator

Over the past few years, the gaming industry has grown very rapidly. The current pandemic is increasingly supporting the development of the game industry around the world, including Indonesia.

According to Statista data, the number of mobile gamers in Indonesia has reached 50.8 million in 2020. The development of this game industry has also penetrated into other entertainment industries such as short video content creation platforms.

And you need to know that there are a lot of gaming content creators in Indonesia who are famous and have creative and unique content. Usually these content creators share updates regarding their newest video content playing exciting and entertaining games, by providing some small edits to add to the excitement for the audience.

Tips to Become a Gaming Content Creator

Nah, for gamers who want to try out their talents to become gaming content creators can start trying the following tips.

  1. Sharing knowledge

As a true gamer, surely you will be proud if you can fight enemies in PUBG Mobile or can Push Rank easily in Free Fire. But, don’t stop there, share your mainstay tricks with others through short video content. For example, by creating content about how to anti-lag gaming, how to defeat enemies, and how to improve other gaming skills.

  1. Be Creative and innovative

And not only about gaming skills, you can also explore various other types of content that are still related to games.

Make funny content related to your hero with interesting poses, or you can also create review content for new things in the game you are playing.

  1. Be Interactive with audience

Share your gaming fun through short video content. Add some minor edits and dramatic effects to add to the excitement for the audience.

In addition, you can also create live gaming content so you can get closer to other gamers or even to other viewers.

Then don’t forget that during live you can also give your own impression with a funny and interactive character. That way, the content you present will be more varied and interesting to watch.

  1. Be Consistent

One of the surefire tips so that the content you create becomes popular is to consistently create content. The more video content you create, the more viewers will be interested in watching and waiting for your latest content. In addition, content that is made with good quality also adds to the interest of the audience.