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Sometimes there are a number of sites and applications that are blocked by the government. However, the community did not run out of ways. They are still trying methods in order to penetrate those sites and apps. One way can be by downloading Turbo VPN Mod.

This method is quite commonly used. Usually, those who use a VPN, have a high desire to open blocked sites. Maybe it can be said as the saying goes. The more banned, the more crazy. Well, the ban on certain sites and applications from the government is a trigger.

However, the government of course has reasons why there are a number of applications and sites that are blocked. For example, because there is abuse of sites such as gambling sites, porn, scams, phishing, and so on. So is the application. There are applications that are blocked because they violate the rules.

So actually, the steps from the government are also understandable. Although it is the desire of many people to penetrate these sites, it is also very large. Well, for those of you who want to know more about Turbo VPN Modcheck the following description.

Turbo VPN - Secure VPN Proxy
Turbo VPN - Secure VPN Proxy
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

What is Turbo VPN Mod?

Currently, there is one thing that is quite a problem for internet users. One of them is the privacy of browsing history, behavior, habits, and how a person spends his money. Well, some of these things are really threatened in today’s internet era.

Even according to some news, there are many companies who are willing to pay a high price to know all these privacy matters. Usually, they will buy it to get data and use that data to offer the products they have.

In other words, there is no special mechanism provided to protect ourselves or our privacy. Well, for that, there is Turbo VPN Mod. So, actually the main function of a VPN is not to penetrate blocked sites or applications.

But so that you can get protection from networks that are made private. VPN itself, stands for Virtual Private Network. So, its main function is to protect its users from infringement of privacy rights that are carried out for profit.

Currently, Turbo VPN, which is the official version, has been downloaded by approximately 100 million users. This proves that many people entrust their privacy to Turbo VPN. However, this article will not discuss the official version. But a modified version.

Of course, there are a number of differences that the original or original version of Turbo VPN has with the modified version of Turbo VPN. For example, in terms of the features offered. Well, if you want to know more about the features provided in Turbo VPN Modcheck the following reviews.

Features Of Turbo VPN Mod

There are many excellent features offered by Turbo VPN Mod. Of course, these features will not be available if you download the official version of Turbo VPN or in the official app store. Well, if you prefer the modified application, you can get the following features:

1. Unlimited Trials

As is well known, Turbo VPN is one of the premium VPNs. Everyone who uses it, will only be given a trial a few days at the beginning. After the trial period is over, each user must pay a certain amount of money.

In fact, not everyone is able and willing to pay the required amount of money to subscribe. Well, for everyone who wants free, usually immediately use Turbo VPN that has been modified. This of course will greatly facilitate anyone in using it.

Later, the trial, which is only given for 7 days, can be deleted and you can use the modified Turbo VPN application forever. Of course, this is very beneficial for any people who are often short of money or lazy to pay.

2. Ad-Free

This feature is also one that is quite superior from Turbo VPN Mod. If you use the official Turbo VPN application, usually you will be very disturbed by the ads that often appear. However, the case is different if you use this modified application.

Later, no ads will appear. Usually, if no ads appear, chances are the connection will be smoother and you can be more relaxed and enjoyable when surfing using this modified Turbo VPN.

This advantage, of course, cannot be obtained if you use the official Turbo VPN. Yes, I can. But you still have to subscribe to remove those annoying ads.

3. Optimal Security

One of the other features that also excels from Turbo VPN Mod apk is to have an optimal level of security. Later, you will really only be considered as anonymous when you activate this VPN and surf the internet. This of course affects the security level of your privacy.

This application, will make you fully protected and will not allow any kind of attacker to steal data because they cannot penetrate the defense provided by this Turbo VPN. So, you can be safer if you surf the internet.

Later, the data you upload will be well encrypted because of this VPN. So, you can surf the internet without worrying anymore.

4. Access Blocked Sites

Of course, as explained from the start, there is one function that a VPN has, namely to access sites that are blocked by the government or certain providers. This will be very useful especially for those of you in countries that even block sites like Facebook and YouTube.

In that case, the VPN can immediately handle it because it can directly access some blocked sites by activating the existing service. Later, the system used is to use servers and IPs in other countries. So, whatever the regulations in your country, will not apply.

This includes regulations regarding some blocked sites. If the country server you choose doesn’t block the site, of course it won’t be a big problem.

5. Stable and Fast Connection

In addition, there are many more features that are very useful for users Turbo VPN Mod. One of them, you can get a more stable and even faster internet connection. This is of course against the norm, the use of a VPN will only slow down the internet connection.

With this application, you no longer need to see buffering or slow website data loading.

6. Free

Of course, this interesting application you can download for free. If you want to know how to download it, check the following section.

Download Turbo VPN Mod

To get this mod apk, you need to download it yourself. So this apk is not available on playstore. Can download it on a third party / download provider site.

Well, for those of you who really want to download this application, just click on the following link:

APK Name Turbo VPN Mod
Released by mbahguru
Size 33 MB
minimal OS 5.0 or more

How To Install Turbo VPN Mod APK

For how to install this shadow application, it is different from the application in general. Not automatically after download, install directly. The steps please see below:

1. Download the Apk until it’s finished

2. Go to your cellphone settings, look for the security menu

3. Continue to the security menu, give permission to install from unknown sources

4. Find the location of the download file

5. Then install, wait until the process is complete.


An explanation of the Turbo VPN features above, maybe not all of them. In addition, this application also has quite a lot of advantages. To find out, just download and install it on your smartphone.

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