Twitter Gives Option to Upload 4K Images from the Android App

Twitter Gives Option To Upload 4k Images From The Android.jpg

Twitter is rolling out a server-side update to its iOS and Android apps that will allow higher-quality uploads from the platform while also changing how images appear on the timeline.

Twitter Gives Option To Upload 4k Images From The Android.jpg

Both apps now support uploading images in 4K resolution. This likely refers to the 4096 × 4096 pixel limit, the same resolution as the one when uploading from the Twitter web. Previously, the limit was 2K or 2048 × 2048 pixels.

To enable uploading in a higher resolution, you need to go to Settings and privacy> Data usage> High quality image upload and set it to Cellular data & Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi only from the default Never. This will cause the application to compress the image less before uploading, which will increase the final resolution of the image but will also increase the upload file size and the time it takes to upload the file.

Display images in the timeline

Twitter also changes how images appear on your timeline. The default preview is always landscape regardless of the orientation of the image and Twitter uses machine learning algorithms to produce a suitable preview image that places the subject in the window. Now, the app will only show the full image in the timeline.

Unfortunately, it seems the company is still doing very little to improve the poor video quality of the app, which currently tops 720p and uses very aggressive compression. Of course, video is much more data-demanding and switching to a higher quality may not be easy, at least not without switching to more efficient codecs like AV1 or VVC in the future.