Twitter Reopens Account Verification Program, Here’s How To Get Blue Tick On Twitter

Twitter Reopens Account Verification Program, Here's How To Get Blue Tick On Twitter

Twitter reopening the account verification program to the public after staying closed for several years. With this program, all eligible users can register to get blue ticks.

To be able to get blue ticks from Twitter, users must meet updated criteria. The account must meet one of the criteria from the following six categories:

  • Companies, trademarks and organizations
  • News organizations and journalists
  • Activists, event organizers and other influential individuals

In addition, the account must also have a complete profile by entering a name, profile photo, and a verified email address or phone number. Accounts must also be active in the past six months and have a record of compliance with Twitter’s regulations.


So how do you register to get the Twitter blue tick? This process can be done via the Account Settings tab in the Twitter application.

The company with the bird logo says the sign-up process will open in the next few weeks and will roll out gradually to all users.

Twitter Reopens Account Verification Program, Here's How To Get Blue Tick On Twitter
How to get a verified Twitter account Photo: doc. Twitter

After that, select a category that suits your account. To verify the registrant’s identity, Twitter will provide three methods namely by entering a link to the official website that mentions the user’s Twitter account, official email address, and government-issued identity card.

After submitting a verification request, users will receive a response from Twitter in the form of an email in a matter of days to weeks, depending on the number of requests queued. Twitter says the applicant evaluation process will be fully handled by humans.

When the verification registration is accepted, the user will immediately receive a blue check mark on their profile. If rejected, users can re-submit the application within 30 days of acceptance of Twitter’s decision.

Apart from that, Twitter is also showing a new look for user profiles, including the About tab. This tab will show additional information about the account owner such as location, occupation and date of birth.

The company made by Jack Dorsey also revealed a new label for automatic accounts, aka bots. This label will be rolled out in July.


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