What are Browser Cookies and what are the benefits?

What are Browser Cookies and what are the benefits?

The word cookies may be synonymous with cookies sprinkled with chocochips. However, did you know that in the internet world there is also the term cookies? When you open a website, usually a pop up notification will appear asking for permission to use cookies. After clicking ‘allow’ this notification will no longer appear because after getting permission, browser cookies will immediately work behind the scenes.

Although it seems trivial, but you still have to be careful because using cookies is the same as allowing your online activity to be recorded. However, that doesn’t mean it always has a negative impact, in fact browser cookies can make your job easier. So, so that I’m not mistaken, let’s get to know more about browser cookies, their functions and benefits for you.

What are Browser Cookies?

Browser cookies are a term for a group of data that contains browsing activities on a website. This activity includes what pages are opened, items that are added to the shopping cart and activities to fill out a registration form. This data record will be sent by the website to be stored in the user’s browser.

Later, the stored information will be used to make it easier for you to checkout orders, fill out automated forms and provide content that is more in line with your preferences and interests. That way your online activities will be more effective and faster because the data and content you need are already stored in browser cookies.

Benefits Of Browser Cookies

Browser cookies are not activated immediately when you use the internet. Each website has its own browser cookie settings. So, when you visit another website there will be another notification asking for permission to use cookies on your device.

Enabling browser cookies is as simple as clicking the ‘allow’ button and your browsing activity on the website will be recorded immediately. This notification will only appear the first time you visit the site and will not be repeated. Then, what are the functions of browser cookies?

Content Personalization

The first function of browser cookies is to allow personalization of content to be more relevant and according to your interests. For example, when you visit an online shopping site, you might use the search bar to search for certain products or just browse.

What are browser cookies
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This activity will be recorded by browser cookies and remembered as your personal preference. So, when you visit the website again, you will be given product suggestions related to your previous searches. This function can help you get more references, find useful items, or get discount information on related products.

Easy Login

Not only in the online shopping category, a similar function also applies to informational, educational, and entertainment websites as long as you allow the use of browser cookies. In addition to providing more personalized content, browser cookies also serve to simplify the account login process.

What are browser cookies
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Currently there are many websites that provide more facilities for users who register as members. For example, additional discounts for special memberships, premium content for members or even limiting access to only registered users. Well, with the browser cookie your login information will be saved so you can log in with one click.

Although it sounds effective, you still need to be careful. When you open the website or create an account using a common device, we recommend that you do not allow browser cookies to function. Because, other users who use the computer after you may be able to take advantage of this easy login for things that are not desired.

Saving Website Settings

What are browser cookies
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Have you ever visited a website that provides multiple language options? With browser cookies you can visit websites like this without having to set the language multiple times. You just have to set it at the beginning after allowing browser cookies. The settings you make will be automatically saved and remembered the next time you visit. So, you can immediately search for information or start browsing without the need to repeat website settings.

Showing Relevant Ads

Of course you are no stranger to banner ads that often appear on websites. These ads may change according to your browsing history. For example, if you are looking for refrigerator specifications and prices, the advertisements displayed on the website you visit will contain refrigerators and their promos.

What are browser cookies
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This will make it easier for you to find the specific product you are looking for, maybe even help you buy at the lowest price. However, it is not uncommon for advertisements like this to be annoying when you no longer want the product. You can work around this by using private browser tabs or incognito chrome when searching for specific products to keep your browsing anonymous.

Are Browser Cookies Safe to Use?

Indeed, browser cookies are safe to use because the data carried by browser cookies does not change and has no effect on your device. So, malware or malicious viruses should not be able to infiltrate browser cookies.

However, it’s a good idea to stay on guard by not visiting suspicious websites let alone allowing these websites to use browser cookies. Because cookies store login data and information that you enter, hackers can use certain ways to steal recorded data through the use of cookies.

How to Manage Browser Cookies

If you accidentally allowed access to browser cookies or want to delete data stored on automated forms, you can do so easily. Managing browser cookies is not difficult, if you use the chrome browser you can do the following steps.

How to Set Browser Cookies Permission

Open settings by clicking the three dots at the end of the menu bar, then select settings  privacy and security cookies and other site data

What are browser cookies?  2021
What are browser cookies?

Then several menus will open like this

What are browser cookies?  2021
What are browser cookies?

Then you can set cookie permissions according to your needs. In this menu you can also block certain sites from recording and storing your activity in browser cookies.

How to Delete Browser Cookies

The data stored in browser cookies can be deleted easily. That way, if there is a change in information on the automatic form or changes in your login data, you don’t have to bother changing it many times. You simply delete the previous browser cookie data and fill in new data when visiting the website in question.

How to delete browser cookies is to access the settings menu like the steps above. Then select see all cookies and site data

What are browser cookies?  2021
What are browser cookies?

Here you can choose which cookies you want to delete, but if you want to delete all of them you can select remove all in the upper right corner.

What are browser cookies?  2021
What are browser cookies?

You can also choose the history menu – clear browsing data for a faster way. Check all available options then click clear data . That way all data, login information and browser-specific settings will be erased.

What are browser cookies?  2021


Browser cookies can help you be more productive because of their functionality that makes online activities easier. However, it is up to you to decide whether it is safe or not. You can set settings in chrome as described above to make it more secure in using browser cookies.


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