What are the advantages of Super AMOLED Display?

What are the advantages of Super AMOLED Display?

Apart from being sharper and clearer Super AMOLED display also stays bright in direct sunlight. How big is the impact of Super AMOLED in daily use?

The role of Super AMOLED screens in smartphones during a pandemic is more important than we realize. When most of society’s activities are centered at home, more time is spent on mobile phones. Not only for work, video calling, playing games, shopping online, million ordering food and accessing entertainment.

Statistically, the time people spend in front of PC and cellphone screens continues to increase, it can reach 10 hours a day, every day. Therefore, the presence of a Super AMOLED screen on the smartphones is very important in everyday life. Here are the benefits that can be felt using a smartphone with Super AMOLED display:

Reduces Eye Fatigue

What are the advantages of Super AMOLED Display?As a result of staring at the screen too much, the eyes become more tense, dry, and watery. Super AMOLED screen can be an effort to reduce eye fatigue.

How to? Eye fatigue is inversely proportional to image clarity. This means that the eye muscles work harder when viewing blurry images so they tire more quickly.

Therefore, pixels per inch (PPI) or the ratio of resolution (in pixels) to diagonal size (in inches) can affect image clarity.

So, a small screen with a high resolution will feel more comfortable in the eyes than a large screen with a low resolution.

Staring at the Super AMOLED display that is sharp and bright, making the eyes more comfortable and less tired.

More Comfortable in Dim Light

What are the advantages of Super AMOLED Display?

The human eye is less able to adapt to direct bright light. That’s why, many wear sunglasses on the beach or on a hot day.

What we don’t realize is that the smartphone screen often emits bright light to adjust the surrounding lighting (continuous backlight technology). That can be overkill in low light conditions. The bright light from the backlight continuously can affect the eyes.

This happens to users who like to read, access social media, or watch videos before going to bed in a dark/dim room condition.

Well, the advantage of Super AMOLED screens is the ability to emit light only from active pixels. Pixels that are not active actually display black.

The effect of the Super AMOLED screen’s brightness on the eyes is even less, so it’s more comfortable in dim light.

Brighter in the Sun

What are the advantages of Super AMOLED Display?

The brightness of the smartphone screen under direct sunlight is very important. For example, when you want to see clearly the photos or reply to an important message on the beach with hot light.

Well, Super AMOLED screens have relatively high contrast. For example the maximum brightness of the Redmi Note 10S screen reaches 1,100 nits from the normal smartphone at 450 nits-800 nits. This means that the phone remains bright and sharp when used in direct sunlight or even in narrow viewing angles.

Convenient for Watching Streaming

Those who really enjoy entertainment on their mobile phones will get optimal benefits from the Super AMOLED screen.

Not only does it have richer color variations, the Super AMOLED screen also has a wide viewing angle, making it perfect for those who like to binge watch Korean drama series on Netflix, or just looking for information and watching vlogs/sketches on YouTube for hours.

Because, the image quality will be richer and clearer like watching in a cinema.

High contrast ratio

The contrast ratio on the Super AMOLED display provides a significant difference between bright colors and dark colors. High contrast feels very useful when playing competitive games such as Call of Duty Mobile where players can be more clear and detailed in recognizing enemies.

Although the refresh rate is only 60 Hz, the Super AMOLED screen has a very good response so that it makes the experience of watching and playing games more comfortable and satisfying.

More Battery Saving

Super AMOLED screen turns out to be more efficient in battery consumption.

In addition, AMOLED panels do not need a backlight (backlight) to display even very sharp colors or images.

Since not all pixels have to be lit to sustain screen performance, less energy is required and the battery can be much more efficient.

Slim Fixed Size

Super AMOLED screen character has a thin and light structure. Also, it can suppress image pixels to very small. This means it can fit denser pixels on a small screen while still maintaining a slim thickness. This can be seen from the body of the Redmi Note 10S which is only 8.3 mm thick and also weighs 178 grams. Making the smartphone very stylish and beautiful phone.


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