What is the difference between Google Chrome and Chrome Canary?

What is the difference between Google Chrome and Chrome Canary?


The Google Chrome browser receives constant updates to the software, bringing different features and tools that make it easier for users to use. Before this final version, each feature goes through different testing phases. In this case, another version of the browser, more unstable, is used: Chrome Canary. Do you know the difference between these two versions of Chrome? Learn more below.

Google Chrome Canary: What is it?

What is the difference between Google Chrome and Chrome Canary?
Chrome Canary download page (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

Chrome Canary is an experimental version of the browser, aimed at testing. Chrome works with four release channels: stable, Beta, Dev and Canary. The stable version is the one made available for general use, while the Canary is used for the first tests of new functions. In other words, when a function appears in the Canary version, it still needs to go through two more launch channels until, finally, it reaches the final version.

This is done to avoid bugs and other types of errors. Canary can be downloaded and used on Android, macOS and Windows, but navigation is not recommended because it is an unstable version. The software is updated daily, and in the process, some features may disappear from one day to the next. It is common for the browser to quit unexpectedly while browsing Canary and some jobs are lost.

The company itself recommends using Canary for testing purposes only, as it is a “future version of Chrome”. The intention is to keep most users on the stable channel and a limited number of developers and testers on the Beta and Dev channels. If you want to have early access to news while using Chrome daily, one option is to download the Beta version (Android | iOS | Linux | macOS | Windows)

Chrome Canary: main functions

What is the difference between Google Chrome and Chrome Canary?
Use chrome: // flags to access news (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

If you are not a developer using Canary for testing, the browser is recommended only to learn about new functions. Through chrome: // flags, a space for experimental resources, users are able to find and enable new features for Chrome, before being made available in the stable version.

However, again it is important to note that this version is unstable, and these features can generate bugs or problems with security and privacy. In these situations, when testing these experimental features, it is not recommended to provide a lot of personal data or use it frequently in everyday life.

Google Chrome and Chrome Canary: differences

The main difference between the versions is the stability of the browser. While Canary brings together several experimental features, it still needs all of these features to go through tests and corrections until the final version. The stable Chrome, the version widely available for download, will only include the news after an extensive period of repairs.

Another difference is the interval between updates. Canary, the first stage of the launch channels, is updated every night. The update cycle for the stable version, going through all other stable channels, takes between four to six weeks.

Source: Chrome Help


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