What to expect from Windows 11?

What to expect from Windows 11?

On June 24, Microsoft will hold a presentation on the new features of the Windows operating system. At the same time, the company has already hinted several times that Windows 10 will remain in the past, since a completely new version of the operating system will be released – Windows 11.

Windows 10 was released in the summer of 2015, partly inheriting elements of Windows 7 and 8.1. Microsoft hasn’t renumbered this OS since then. Twice a year (in spring and autumn) major updates to Windows 10 are released, but there are fewer changes and innovations in them, so it became obvious that there will no longer appear any fundamentally new features.

Over the past few years, Microsoft engineers have been working on the Windows 10X operating system, which was intended for fundamentally new computing devices – with processors based on energy-efficient ARM cores and with a constant Internet connection even in the background (like smartphones). The company planned to release a hybrid of a tablet and a laptop with two screens, where Windows 10X would be installed, but the development of this gadget was canceled, and with it the release of this operating system.

What to expect from Windows 11?

Apparently, the developments accumulated during the creation of Windows 10X were used to create another OS – Windows 11. It can be assumed that Microsoft abandoned the adventurous idea of ​​releasing an operating system tailored for niche devices, since it is not yet known how the market will accept them. instead, they decided to dramatically improve Windows for classic computers and laptops. This has happened more than once in the history of the company, so such a step is logical and expected.

The directions in which Microsoft is moving are also quite predictable: the company strives to make Windows adaptable and universal, and for this it is necessary that the operating system be equally convenient on desktop computers, and on laptops, and on tablets. It can be assumed that the design will be improved in Windows 11, built-in applications will be redesigned, but most importantly, it will be possible to run applications and games created for Android, support for a constant connection to the Internet.

There is also a possibility that Microsoft is finally implementing the ability to update the operating system without installing huge distributions and interrupting work. In a sense, Windows will become very close to Linux and will be the analogue of Android for computers and tablets. We will not exclude the fact that Microsoft may disclose the source code of Windows 11, make the operating system completely free and open, and encourage enthusiasts to work on its development and adaptation for different types of devices.


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